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Massage balm

Knee separator


Soothes muscle tension and tiredness away, relaxes and invigorates. Helps prevent backache and headaches due to neck problems. The mini pro thumper is comparable to the sensation of well-being procured by a professional massage.

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Mini Pro 2 Thumper +travel bag+ 4 massage balm

You will feel Mini Pro massaging deep into the muscles, not only on the surface of the skin.

Two anatomically designed spheres vibrate vertically for a 6.35 mm stroke. Three power settings, from 20 to 40 impulses per second, produce penetrating waves of wellbeing to alleviate muscular tensions and contractions. A massage that penetrates deep into tissue...without effort: the Mini Pro 2 does it all for you.

No need to exert any pressure, the device's own weight is sufficient: rest the Mini Pro 2 on shoulders to alleviate tensions caused by a daily stress.
For tired feet simply rest the Mini Pro 2 on a cushion on the floor and place the soles of your feet on it. In just a few seconds you will be astonished and surprised at the relief you feel: just like walking on the clouds.

4 Massage balm
The line of Massage balms was designed by a chiropractor who was looking for suitable products to help his patients back to normal wellbeing of the body. Using products from the ancient herbal traditions, we have produced a series of oils and creams which, with their revolutionary roll-on applicator, can be used at any time of the day without getting any on your hands. The carrier oils are knowingly blended to create a balm that does not leave the treated part feeling greasy after application.

Travel bag

This fantastic travel bag allows you to bring your Mini Pro Thumper wherever you prefer.





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