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Massage balm

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IThe Thumper range of vibrating massagers imported by COJEDA are passive massagers perfect for toning the legs, arms, buttocks and the rest of the body. Each has a specific function, with the common denominator of the well-being of the body through massage, which stimulates blood and lymph circulation, increasing intercellular exchange, speeding up metabolism and helping to redistribute localised adipose tissue.

Thumper Massager
The Thumper Professional is ideal for use by two people (doctor - patient). For over twenty years Thumper has been the favourite choice of chiropractors, rehabilitation therapists and professional athletes to treat muscle pains and tension, and it is the only massager on permanent display at the Hockey Hall of Fame.
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Versapro Massager
The Versapro is the latest arrival in the Thumper family: designed for the lower body, the Versapro creates a sense of well-being in next to no time.
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Mini Pro 2 Thumper
Soothes muscle tension and tiredness away, relaxes and invigorates. Helps prevent backache and headaches due to neck problems. The mini pro thumper is comparable to the sensation of well-being procured by a professional massage.
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